Raccoon Living Habits in Urban Areas

Animal control professionals are called out for raccoon removal more than any other animal encountered in urban areas. Raccoons have highly diverse habits and are adaptable by nature. This combination makes them comfortable in just about any setting where water, shelter, and food are found.

These nocturnal animals typically live at ground level but will occupy attics and chimneys, as well as burros in crawlspaces and under decks or porches. Sheds and outbuildings are also popular places for raccoons to reside. The first signs of raccoons on the property include bird feeders knocked to the ground and garbage cans overturned, although other animals such as skunks and gophers can do the same things.


In addition to going through the garbage cans, common raccoon problems range from harassing pets and tearing holes in roofs to eating koi fish from ponds and entering the home through cat doors. These animals will leave piles of droppings and dig up lawns in search of worms and slugs. Many raccoons have rabies and carry diseases that are especially dangerous for small children and pets.

Extensive damage can be done to the structure when they infiltrate chimneys, attics, basements, and walls. Insulation is ruined and becomes moldy, wiring can be chewed, and support beams can begin to rot due to animal waste. If any noises that sound like footsteps or squeaks are noticed, call an animal control company.

Ways to Discourage Raccoons

Homeowners can take minor steps to discourage raccoons from living or visiting the property. The animals are primarily looking for food and water, so if none is easily accessible, they will move on to other properties. Storing garbage in cans with lid that are placed in enclosures eliminates the temptation of food. Installing an electric fence to protect any koi ponds or water features creates no way to get to water.

Putting up screening and adding chimney caps are other suggestions for how to control raccoons. Animal proofing the property is something homeowners have done after removals are required, but it can be completed as a preventative measure. This is wise if neighbors start to have problems with raccoons or other wildlife.

An Experienced Company

Finding a company with a decade or more of experience will ensure the job is done completely. When a raccoon is trapped it is essential to determine the gender, for example, to know if there is the potential for a litter somewhere on the property.

If this is not done, the possibility of the same problem within two months is strong even when screening has been installed. Homeowners will want to visit animal control specialists for details on the complete process.


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